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Nissan opens UK pre-orders of the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover

Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2021 9:49 am
by Rob
Nissan GB is excited to announce that UK customers can now pre-order the all-new 100% electric Ariya coupé crossover, with first deliveries beginning summer 2022.


A bold new chapter in Nissan’s electrification journey, Ariya’s comprehensive UK line-up features four versions to meet customer range and performance needs – Advance (63kWh), Evolve (87kWh), e-4ORCE Evolve (87kWh) and e-4ORCE Performance (87kWh). All four versions of Ariya will be available at launch.

‘On the road’ prices start from £41,845 for Advance 63kWh versions, rising to £58,440 for the e-4ORCE Performance 87kWh model. Together with an advanced all-wheel-drivetrain, the range-topping specification includes premium features such as a 10-speaker BOSE sound system, digital Head Up Display, Intelligent Rear View Mirror, Electric Panoramic Sunroof, dynamic 20” alloy wheels with aero covers, and distinctive Blue Nappa leather seat fronts.

Ariya strikes an optimum balance of design, specification, technology and competitive price point. In recognition of this, industry pricing experts CAP HPI have awarded the model a class-leading residual value position. Both the 2WD Ariya Advance 63kWh and AWD Ariya Evolve e-4ORCE 87kWh (22kW charger) are expected to retain 57% value over 3years/30,000miles, making Ariya the best performing model versus key rivals.

As a result, Nissan is able to offer Ariya at a very competitive rate on monthly finance. Personal contract (PCP) offers start from £629 monthly payment on the expected best-selling EVOLVE 87kWh version, with 5.81% APR, and £6,616 customer deposit over 37 months with 10,000 annual mileage.

Commenting on their decision, a spokesperson for CAP HPI said; “The Ariya has an attractive futuristic premium exterior design and the interior uses excellent materials with good fit and finish.”

Andrew Humberstone, Managing Director, Nissan Motors (GB) Ltd. commented; “We are thrilled to be opening pre-orders for our 100% electric crossover – the all-new Nissan Ariya. This cutting-edge EV represents the confidence and dare-to-do ambition of the Nissan brand.”

Humberstone continued; “We’re taking over a decade of experience in leading the market with electric vehicles, and ensuring our customer-focused expertise and network capability delivers a model that’s as rewarding to own as it is to drive. We know that UK customers are going to be seriously impressed with the new standards Ariya will bring to the segment in 2022.”

With its fully electric drivetrain, Ariya offers an exciting zero-emission driving experience for a variety of lifestyles.

The Ariya 63kWh two-wheel drive model provides value for those primarily using their vehicle in urban or suburban areas. For families looking to take longer journeys, the Ariya 87kWh offers two-wheel drive with an extended range. The Ariya e-4ORCE 87kWh all-wheel drive combines the benefits of longer range and a comfortable ride for all on-board thanks to the balanced power delivered to all four wheels together with significantly increased torque. The Ariya e-4ORCE 87kWh Performance is ideal for drivers seeking the thrill that comes with a high power output of 394PS and 600Nm of available torque.

For the ultimate personalisation, Ariya will be offered with a choice of ten body colours, including pearlescent, metallic and premium metallic shades together with six distinctive two-tone options.

Inside the cutting-edge environment of the cockpit, there are three dashboard colours (Black, Blue and Grey) matched to four sleek upholstery styles, dependent on version, option pack and exterior colour of vehicle.

The twin electric motor, all-wheel-drive Ariya versions will feature Nissan's most advanced all-wheel control technology, e-4ORCE. Born from the company's rich history of developing all-terrain technology that balances power output, braking performance and that helps drivers to go farther, e-4ORCE enhances driver confidence by tracing the intended driving line over almost any road surface and enabling them to maintain their optimum driving style and input.

Customers wishing to pre-order the Nissan Ariya, or find out more information should visit: ... ariya.html

Re: Nissan opens UK pre-orders of the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2021 2:00 pm
by Tin Can
Thanks for the info Rob.

WIth deliveries being suggested for June 2022, are there any dates for test drives or simply seeing the car in the flesh in advance? I missed the Fully Charged event, so have placed an order completely blind, other than YouTube videos?

Re: Nissan opens UK pre-orders of the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2022 4:07 pm
by Oakley1
Has anyone had a build date confirmed?

Re: Nissan opens UK pre-orders of the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 9:34 pm
by Oakley1
Delivery for our e4orce Evolve mid September 2022.

Re: Nissan opens UK pre-orders of the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 5:05 pm
by Tin Can
That’s interesting as my dealer had said on Tuesday that they would ring me re the delivery timeframe by the end of this week (ie today)! Perhaps the June timeframe had been too ambitious. Having recently sold my main car, I don’t think I will wait until September (if that’s the date). I believe The Ioniq 5 that I have driven and like has a mid summer timeline. I did not press the button on the Hyundai because of the suggestion of a new CPU and bigger battery coming. Seems like all the manufacturers are suffering with shipping delays.

Re: Nissan opens UK pre-orders of the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2022 1:48 pm
by Rob
They are, I have heard no further for build dates. I think most expected the chip shortages to have come to an end by now but its pressing on still. I thought the Ioniq was on a 12 month lead time but I must admit to not checking for a while.

Re: Nissan opens UK pre-orders of the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2022 9:41 pm
by Oakley1
My order Evolve e4orce has moved from mid September to early October 😢